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Specification Grade Valve Boxes

The most complete line of plastic access boxes for housing irrigation control valves available. Found on golf courses, community parks, business parks and schools, Carson valve boxes are the strongest and best performing products of their kind. Manufactured using a unique low pressure structural foam molding process, Carson has the valve box to meet any of your engineering specification needs. Carson valve boxes are "Specified and Preferred Worldwide".


  • 608- econo 6" black box/green lid
  • 610- 6" green box/green lid
  • 910- 10" green box/green lid
  • 1419A- 14"x19"x6" green box/green lid
  • 1419B- 14"x19"x12" green box/green lid
  • 1419ext- 14"x19"x6" green extension
  • 1220A- 17"x24"x6" green box/green lid
  • 1220B- 17"x24"x12" green box/green lid
  • 1220ext- 17"x24"x6" green extension
  • 1324B- 22"x32"x15" green box/green lid
  • 1730- 25"x39"x18" green box/green lid


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VB Series Valve Boxes

When it comes to irrigation system installation and design, valve boxes play an important role, yet often aren’t given much thought.

A well-designed valve box can make installations faster and easier while reducing the need for future maintenance.

The key benefits of Rain Bird’s professional grade VB Series Valve Boxes are:

    * Strength and stability
    * Smart lid design
    * Environmentally friendly
    * Flexible installation

  • VB-STD Standard (Body & Green Lid)
  • VB-STD-6EXT-B Standard 6" Extension (Body only)
  • VB-STD-6EXT Standard 6" Extension (Body & Green Lid)
  • VB-JMB Jumbo (Body & Green Lid)  
  • VB-JMB-6EXT-B Jumbo 6" Extension (Body only)
  • VB-JMB-6EXT Jumbo 6" Extension (Body & Green Lid)
  • VB-SPR-H Super Jumbo (Body & Green Lid) + 2 Locks
  • VB-MAX-H Maxi Jumbo (Body & Green Lid) + 2 Locks
  • VB-10RND 10" Round (Body & Green Lid)
    VB-7RND Black Body & Green Lid




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Heavy Duty Boxes

Available in sizes from 10" round to 24" x 36" vaults, these units are designed for installation greenbelts, asphalt or concrete. They are extremely secure and can handle non- vehicular loads up to H-20.